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About Sundog Mousery & I

"Every orchid or rose or lizard or snake is the work of a dedicated and skilled breeder. There are thousands of people amateurs and professionals, who devote their lives to this business..." - Freeman Dyson
My life revolves around the animals I care for and the ones I take interest in so the quote above is very fitting and true. Not everyone has the interest in breeding and creating something that took planning and sometimes heartache to accomplish. I however, am one of those types that truly flourishes being able to work with genetics even though its truly on a small breeder hobby scale. At any given time not counting pups (baby mice...I prefer to call them "pups" over "kits") I only take care of about 30 mice; that may seem like a lot but most fancy mouse breeders have so many they have to number and label them and can't recognize individuals. There is nothing wrong with that for other breeders but for me I like being more involved. 
I bred fancy rats and several other rodents on and off for close to 2 decades. I even showed Holland lop rabbits and was apart of FFA and 4H. I have tested the waters breeding other types of animals as well like axolotls, betta splendens, leopard geckos, Kenyan sandboas, various breeds of chickens, quails (both button and coturnix). Theres others but that's the just of it.
Now my focus is on our small homestead. I raise and am working on making my own line of silky goats that will also do well as milking animals. I also am working on getting ready to breed rabbits again but this time more for the homestead not for show. I am even planning to breed my quakers (monk parakeets) once they are fully of age and possibly my parakeets (budgies) as well. We have four dogs 2 rescues and two just had to have cuties. My very first goat kid was birthed just this march. He is a cross but being my very first kidding and being the body type I'm looking for he gets to stay and sire future kids. We have a small flock of egg layers (hens) that get to free range all day long until dusk then they are put away warm and secure in the barn for the night.
All the above critters keep me busy but I wouldn't have it any other way! The fancy mice for me, are my way to express my interests in genetics while also providing occasional  pets or breeders for others interested in the hobby. I am sorry to say, but I do not breed with the focus on selling, I breed souly with a goal in mind each time to better my lines. This means I cull a good bit. Mice pups, I prefer to keep the litters small so mother can provide the maximum amount of milk per pup so they can grow to their best genetic potential. I generally do not know what mice I will be offering for sale until they are weaned and maybe even a few weeks after weaning if I'm waiting on fur growth or something that takes a while longer to be sure of.
....With all of that said, I absolutely LOVE sharing my hobbies with others! New to mice, had them on and off in the past, need some cool school pets; lets talk! I do do verbal waiting lists if someone is really serious and wants something specific I know I will eventually have to be able to offer. To date, I have only adopted out mice to three different people all positive feedback so far! I will hopefully have a guestbook page or something to that effect so that my customers can leave some sort of reviews here. 
Due to a bad experience trading in the past and receiving very sick mice that later passed away, I am no longer very interested in trading. One generally expects to get at the very least equal value for what one trades for. I will still happily work with other breeders I just won't want to trade unless getting to look over and pick my trades out in person and having the understandable right to pass on a trade if they are sickly. Most people in general don't sell people sick animals though so that's the plus side; I just experienced a fluke.
I am no longer on fb with my mousery and in general because its just too negative of an environment for me. Having people nit pick, judge and just be plain nasty to each other. I still however am a happy and proud member of FMBA! There is no shows held for fancy mice in North Carolina where I am located so I may never actually take any worthy show mice to any shows least not in the near future. The great thing about Fancy Mouse Breeders' Association is you can submit specific pictures of mice and have them be judged by the judges themselves which is pretty exciting for me!
I am no where near having mice that are near enough standard wise to be shown just yet; at least not in my opinion. My main interests are angoras in a few different colors, dominant hairless, manx and nice tans.
Please feel free to contact me. My mousery is located in Edgecombe County NC 27801. We are a private mousery and we are closed to the public. My home is my sanctuary and I also don't want to risk people accidentally bringing illnesses to all the various animals here. We plan and meet generally on the weekends usually at the sheetz in Nashville (nc).
Thank you for taking an interest in my hobby! Maybe I'll help influence you to be interested in well bred mice too, if not already haha!!

Angora Mice

Angora fancy love. I first got into fancy mice because I needed to breed some feeder mice for the upcoming live litter of kenyan sandboas I had (hey they have to eat too). It was actually very hard to find my very first trio of mice. We wre able to get a $20 dollar silver angora buck from a big chain pestore and then had to drive almost 2 hours to a private petstore to pick up two does. I at the time had no idea about mice colors or fur types; I just knew i had a silver shaggy mouse, a brindle and a tan mouse that turned out to also be a brindle. I bred them and soon learned that all my mice carried angora and I ended up with a litter of fluffy and shaggy mice. I was so excited working with such fluffy mice that I held back more than I planned to breed for more angora. That started my addiction. 

I no longer breed Kenyan sandboas and I don't keep any reptiles at the moment at all actually. Nothing at all against them I love reptiles and amphibians just like my furred creatures; I just decided it was time to focus on things I'm more serious about and can dedicate time to. 

I am more focused on fur quality over coat color; with that being said, I really love angora in recessive yellow as pictured above as well as in dove and especially in satin!

I am far from show standard in my angoras BUT its such a fun goal! I have seen other breeders say they have no patience with angora because its so hard to get the proper coat. I have al the time in the world and no deadline I will continue to breed my angoras and get better and better.

There is a standard for angora mice on FMBA and here's a snipit of the standard from their site: "The coat on an Angora should be as long as possible, with an even length across the entire coat and a silky texture. The coat should be dense but voluminous, with no longer guard hairs or protruding tufts. Whiskers to be long. Angoras may be shown in any color or pattern. Common faults include ear tufts, skirts, longer guard hairs." - FMBA

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